Project Description

TiGER FiRE Square

The atypical square design of the Square will be noticed by everyone thanks to its elementary and modern look. The baking plate of 100 cm by 100 cm makes sure you will have sufficient capacity for all your guests and this up to 70 people.

TiGER FiRE Square


  • Square baking plate of 100 by 100 cm and 10 mm thick TiGER FleX

  • Oil will flow to the fire automatically

  • Height 106 cm

  • Dia fire house 90 cm

  • Foot 40 x 40

  • Can be used as fire plate with or without foot and baking plate

  • You can bake 10 times before removing the ashes

  • Modular, 3 pieces

  • Capacity 1 to 70 persons


  • Cover                        TFC 100
  • Grill grid square    ACC02
  • Spatula stainless steel                 ACC03
  • Olive oil can stainless steel 0,5l  ACC04-1
  • Olive oil can stainless steel 0,7l ACC04-2
  • Anti-contact mat ACC13

All available accessories:



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